Introducing Hellsbay Fight League

4 min readJun 17, 2022

“There will be six teams in the league with six players each from three categories. Indian boxers from 54kg to 80kg will be eligible to enter the pool, which will be made for the franchise owners to select their team” — IBC President PKM Raja

If you ask a random kid anywhere in India, what sports does he know of? The most likely answer will be in this order: Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Badminton

Or just a permutation of this. Why? Due to the extreme popularity of leagues like the Indian Premier League, Indian Super League, Pro Kabaddi, etc. These leagues have now rooted in nearly every household and people consume them for different reasons. Some sports enthusiasts watch it for the love of the sport, some for passing time, some for minting money while others just because there is nothing else to watch.

But what about boxing? One of that sports where India has been winning an Olympic medal in many editions of the game now. Boxing has given India legends like Mary Kom, Vijender Singh, Sarita Devi, Lovlina Borgohain, Hawa Singh and many more. On 19 May 2022, Nikhat Zareen won the gold medal in the 52kg category at the Women’s World Championship making the country proud yet again. While this is the case, the penetration of the sport in India still lacks, and we see a majority of the professional world-class Indian boxers come only from a few regions/states of the nation.

Nikhat Zareen (born 14 June 1996) is an Indian amateur boxer. She won gold medal at the 2022 IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships.

This tide needs to change as there is a lot of potential in the country which can be nurtured to boxing greats. TIAR is planning, organizing and presenting to you all, a one-of-its-kind professional boxing league wherein boxers from all over the country will fight it out for the coveted title, helped and mentored by world-renowned coaches.

Enters Hellsbay Fight League!

Hellsbay Fight League (HFL) is a one-of-its-kind decentralized pro boxing league created by TIAR for the people. We have brought the Indian Boxing Council (IBC) onboard with us to support our vision and take this great initiative forward. The league is all set to happen in October, where 36 professional boxers will fight for the title. There will be 6 teams, and 3 categories each having 6 players. Indian boxers from the weight range of 54kg to 80kg will be allowed to register, as the 6 franchise DAO will then pick their teams from this pool of boxers.

HFL is unique in the sense that it plans to decentralize the entire experience and allow boxing fans to actually take part in the league in form of decision making, player and venue selections. People’s ownership — as we like to call it, is what TIAR believes every league-based sport will head into the future. Each of the 6 teams will be jointly owned by 1500 NFT holders. And thus, a total of 9000 Wardroids NFT Collection will be up for grabs which will then give the holders the partial ownership of one of the teams. Using decentralized autonomous organizations or DAOs as they are usually called, the holders will vote on any decision related to the team.

The 6 Fight Clubs (FC) competing in the league would be : Mumbai Warriors FC, Chennai Heroes FC, Hyderabad Knights FC, Kolkata Conquerors FC, Delhi Guardians FC, Bangalore Berserkers FC . Each of teams will be mentored by legendary combat sports coaches like Javier Mendez, Mike Swick and Anthony Pettis. The guides will be the bridge between the boxers and the club owners who are part of the DAO by holding the Wardroids NFTs.

The league will also present the top performing boxers with international opportunities starting with a WBC India Title match. Out of the 36 Boxers, the top 6 Boxers (2 boxers per weight category) who score the most points during the league will get a chance to fight and become a WBC India Champion in 3 different weight categories: Super Bantam, Light Weight and Middle Weight

This setting of the league will generate for the sport multiple revenue streams, sponsors, and the required popularity and reach to the youth of the nation. With the help of a Pay-Per-View platform, TIAR will stream all matches live on the OTT platform. Every match will have a big purse for the boxers too. All licensed boxers registered with the IBC will be eligible to participate in the league.

HFL is all set to revolutionize the way boxing is perceived, created and consumed in India. And TIAR is doing everything in its power to make it a smooth and worthy experience for each one of you.

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