Introducing TIAR: India’s very own blockchain revolution!

4 min readJan 8, 2022

We, at TIAR, are all set to launch our very own NFT marketplace, boxing pay-per-view platform, and other initiatives to revolutionize the world through ingenious blockchain technology. These initiatives will be carried out over the ongoing year (2021–22) along with the launch of TIAR Token on the Binance Smart Chain.

Ever since the knowledge about Blockchain and Bitcoin began entering the public eye a decade ago, it has grown into a transformative juggernaut that changed finance and banking forever. This new wave of technological innovation has gone global while simultaneously disrupting a variety of industries. Key sectors that are poised to evolve through this fundamental revolution in the world of art, sports, and entertainment, which is where we are about to make our mark.

TIAR is an opportunity for Indians to build a sustainable career, gain recognition and showcase their talents on a global scale by capitalizing on the advent of technologies such as NFTs, launchpads, and other blockchain-based crypto-economic systems. It will achieve this through a multi-faceted platform that, as we say, “will give the power back to the people”.

TIAR NFT Marketplace:

In this digital age, digital art, computer-generated imagery, Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), and other technologies have increased the opportunities for artists to contribute to the growth of the economy.

We begin with our central idea, an NFT Marketplace. By making NFTs educational, interactive, and entertaining, we plan to realize their untapped potential, with a sharp focus on incorporating the beauty of our Indian culture through it all. As we know, India has over 9000 years of ongoing history, cultures, beliefs, art, and revolutions.

So, our marketplace will host NFTs belonging to diverse categories like Art, Jewellery, Merchandise, Gaming, Film, and Boxing.

“Hell’s Bay” Pro Boxing pay-per-view:

We have also noticed the decline in popularity of boxing among Indians as compared to the global audience. Trust us, it is not a lack of skill; our boxers prove this in medal-winning Olympic performances time and again. As a result, we want to make the change and reignite the fire of Boxing as a formidable sport in India.

TIAR has acquired the rights to conduct WBC title matches across the country. Also, our boxing pay-per-view platform will live stream all the pro boxing tournaments hosted in India, to help uplift the sport.

“Azadi” Social Media Platform:

One of the biggest and most important aspects of TIAR, our social media platform will host blogs, vlogs, and podcasts about the Indian heritage and its culture. The entire revolution loses its meaning if we don’t help make a difference, and hence, bringing more eyeballs to India’s history is our priority.

“Colosseum” Blockchain Play-to-Earn Gaming:

However, it’s not all about work, is it?

We have a set of arcade games where people can challenge each other using TIAR tokens. All gamers will have a home on our platform as we want to make the entire experience enjoyable for any and every individual.

TIAR Launch Pad:

TIAR launchpad provides an opportunity for several entrepreneurs and not-for-profit organizations to raise capital from across the globe. We want to make sure that no matter how trivial it might seem if someone has an idea, they get all the help that they need to work on it.

TIAR is a complete ecosystem owned and managed by the community. It is all set to become the largest Crypto community of Indian origin with users from around the world. The TIAR team comprises experienced professionals in the realm of blockchain, management consulting, sports management, marketing, and endorsement who will help in building the TIAR platform and open a possibility of a decentralized platform.

Meet the founders

Prashanth Singh (COO & Founder) previously worked as the COO of Telangana Boxing Council. He has been an investor and a follower of the crypto market for the last 6 years. Being born to the first international boxer of his region, he had the opportunity to watch the evolution of boxing in India. While pursuing his bachelor’s degree in business administration, he became the youngest Indian to hold a professional boxing promoter’s license. To collaborate with TBC and host the first pro-boxing event in Telangana, India.

Akshar Madhavaram (CEO & Co-founder) graduated from the IIT Delhi with a B. Tech degree in Engineering Physics. He previously worked as Product Manager and Policy Consultant at Central Square Foundation and as an Associate at EY Parthenon where he worked on various growth strategies, market entry strategies, and due diligence projects across the globe.




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