TIAR hosts first-ever WBC India Title

When we think of sports in India, in recent times there have been huge developments and masses favoring not just commercial sports like cricket but also national icons like Vijender Singh, Mary Kom, Neeraj Chopra and Lovlina Borgohain have ignited a spark of sports like Boxing and Javelin too.

TIAR identified that Boxing is a hugely followed sport worldwide and it was time India started producing revenue and applauded the world-class Indian boxers, and make the general public more aware and excited about it. We have heard names like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, etc. who were famous all over the world for their records, knockouts and punches and rose to fame via World Boxing Council’s (WBC) events and championship title matches. There was, is and always will be a huge fan following to this game of boxing, wherein a huge amount of respect, money and fame is earned by these professional boxers owing to the way the sport is treated and glorified over the world. India however lacks in this aspect.

What did TIAR do? It became the very first company to bring WBC to India. TIAR aims to promote boxing through live events and pay-per-view streaming, leading to an “Indian Boxing League”.

TIAR along with Indian Boxing Council (IBC) and WBC was able to successfully host the nation’s first WBC India and WBC Asia Silver Title matches on 5th December 2021 in the iconic Gachibowli Stadium, Hyderabad. There were 5 matches that were fought on the night, which was titled Hellsbay. The WBC Asia Silver title was fought between Karthik Sathish and Heru Purwanto, which was won by Karthik. Chennai’s Sabari became the inaugural winner of the WBC India welterweight title, defeating the more experienced Akashdeep Singh of Chandigarh. There were 3 other matches under IBC which were fought between Asad Asif Khan and Nasoro Madimba, Gurpreet Singh and Lokesh Dangi, Manikandan V and Mazhar Hussain.

The event marked the beginning of what looks like a bright and successful collaboration between the Indian Boxing Council and the World Boxing Council, who have teamed up to take boxing in India to another level. The significance of the night could be conveyed through the fact that the two WBC titles are going to be fought for in years to come, and 5th December 2021 marked the day they were first conquered.

This entire event was live-streamed on Hellsbay, TIAR’s own OTT Platform.

The Success

The Hellsbay Pro Boxing night was a huge success and was pivotal in garnering the initial attention to what promises to be a stepping stone towards a glorious future of pro-boxing in India. The event was graced by Indian Olympic Gold Medalist, Mr. Abhinav Bindra, as he was found quoting on LinkedIn,

It was a pleasure to be at India’s first WBC event in Hyderabad organised by The Indian Art Revolution. Delighted to know about their motive to help Indian boxers build sustainable careers by leveraging technology and digital innovation. All the best to founders Akshar and Prashanth, for this unique vision to promote sport.” — Mr. Abhinav Bindra, Olympic Gold Medalist

With a hint of what boxing in India can grow up to, TIAR is all set to launch the Hellsbay Fight League (HFL) in a couple of months (October to December). This league will involve some of the biggest boxing icons from over the world as mentors, advisors, coaches and young Indian boxers looking to make it big. The HFL will be a one-of-its-kind league, where the power of Blockchain, NFTs, DAOs will be leveraged to make it a people’s league. TIAR has a lot in store, and the team is excited to bring the plans out!

To keep up with the development of the event, make sure you follow TIAR’s official social media handles:

Website: https://www.tiar.io/

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