TIAR Introduces NFTs to Tollywood Cinema

Konda Polam Film NFTs Launched on TIAR Marketplace
  1. Jewelry: We will also provide tradeable one-of-a-kind jewelry in the form of NFTs. TIAR will be the first NFT project to be backed by physical gold.
  2. Merchandise: Since NFTs have become the latest way of engaging and interacting with fans across the globe, we will sell limited-edition boxing and movie merchandise through NFTs. This will provide the community with something to engage with and be a part of.
  3. Movie: We have already dropped limited-edition Tollywood NFTs and seen them sell out. With OTT platforms becoming the new theatres, production houses are searching for new ways of marketing and reaching out to the audience; non-fungible tokens are a great way to do that.
  4. Boxing: While Indian boxing is overloaded with talent, it lacks the resources to keep fans engaged. NFTs associated with top global boxers will do just that by building a community of their own. TIAR will set up the right platform and marketing products so that Indian boxing becomes nothing less than UFC.



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TIAR is a decentralised network which aims to bring innovation in the art, sports & entertainment industry in India through blockchain tech