TIAR Introduces NFTs to Tollywood Cinema

3 min readApr 10, 2022

TIAR is all set to launch its mobile app featuring an NFT marketplace to help creators monetize their work and collectors own digital assets with a wide range of utility.

The year 2021 was a unique one. Real estate might have failed to bounce back but digital assets were blessed by Goddess Lakshmi herself. NFTs reached sales of a whopping $25 billion worldwide. Blockchain’s ability to authenticate and legitimize the ownership of digital assets gained widespread recognition and triggered a revolution.

TIAR aims to make the waves of this revolution reach Indian shores. On 7th October 2021, we announced the launch of Konda Polam Official Digital Collectibles starring Rakul Preet Singh and Vaishnav Tej in partnership with Mango Mass Media and First Frame Entertainment. We also witnessed the fully sold-out drop of Seetimaarr authentic NFTs featuring Tamannah Bhatia and Gopichand. All of them were a major hit and TIAR became the first organization in the country to successfully experiment with film NFTs as a digital asset.

Konda Polam Film NFTs Launched on TIAR Marketplace

However, we, at TIAR, believe that there should be something more to an NFT than just being a digital collectible. Therefore, we plan to bring utility to our TIAR authentic NFTs in various ways.

Besides our exclusive drops, we plan to launch an open NFT marketplace exclusively for Indian content catering to global customers. India has a rich culture and heritage; not many places match the diversity and creativity witnessed here. We boast so many art forms that almost every individual is a creator of some form or the other.

TIAR’s marketplace will tap into these assets and help provide a livelihood to millions of unrecognized creators in India. Imagine talented artists, singers, and photographers (who are often labelled as having no solid identity) monetizing their art, music, and photos on a dedicated platform and creating an economy of their own, a CREATOR’S ECONOMY!

Now, let us come to TIAR authentic NFTs. The exclusive drops come under five categories-

  1. Gaming: In-game assets like avatars, characters, weapons, and plots of various play-to-earn games will be available on TIAR marketplace. Not only will the users be able to buy but also sell, list, and trade their gaming assets. Artists have an opportunity to
  2. Jewelry: We will also provide tradeable one-of-a-kind jewelry in the form of NFTs. TIAR will be the first NFT project to be backed by physical gold.
  3. Merchandise: Since NFTs have become the latest way of engaging and interacting with fans across the globe, we will sell limited-edition boxing and movie merchandise through NFTs. This will provide the community with something to engage with and be a part of.
  4. Movie: We have already dropped limited-edition Tollywood NFTs and seen them sell out. With OTT platforms becoming the new theatres, production houses are searching for new ways of marketing and reaching out to the audience; non-fungible tokens are a great way to do that.
  5. Boxing: While Indian boxing is overloaded with talent, it lacks the resources to keep fans engaged. NFTs associated with top global boxers will do just that by building a community of their own. TIAR will set up the right platform and marketing products so that Indian boxing becomes nothing less than UFC.

With lazy minting available on our platform, creators will not have to pay any upfront gas fees for minting their NFTs. Our platform, being cross-chain, will allow collectors to mint NFTs on the blockchains of their choice. TIAR authorized creators can also make actual physical merchandise and goods available to the buyers of their NFTs. The possibilities with our open marketplace are truly endless and all artists can utilize them.




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